Before and After Highlights

Staging Case Studies

Topiary Staging reveals some before and after samples for a show and tell on why it’s so important to have a professional when it comes to supporting you to sell your home faster and for more money.

From Vacant to Voilà!
This living room is empty, but when we add a few simple item in just the right places, it now feels inviting.

Too Much to Just Right
This living room needed a refresh and declutter.

Creating Space
This home went from disarray to a delightful destination!

Pulling it all together. Sell faster and for more money!

Did you know that Topiary Staging and Redesign offers complimentary assessments, and a number of other resources to help you take on your refresh design projects in your home (big or small)? Contact us today to book a virtual video appointment or an in-person consultation and check out some of our great before and after photos and testimonials. We are here for you!

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